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durable, rugged, and long lasting

The Tac Clamp aids soldiers on the battlefield during quick reaction scenarios with uncompromised quality.


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The Tac Clamp was born out of necessity in order to assist elite soldiers on the battlefield. For that reason, the Tac Clamp is made out of the highest quality materials right here in the USA.

The streamline design makes it quick and easy to use. The 3 way jaws and adjustment knob allow users to adjust the clamp pressure to securely mount to any object. An ergonomic top handle is made out of a durable plastic for comfort when locking the clamp in place. With a 500lb. weight capacity, the quick release is capable of holding any gear you might need.

  • 6061 Aluminum Body 
  • Stage 3 anodized hard coat
  • 304 stainless quick release
  • 500lb. weight limit
  • Made in the USA

A Special Operations Solution

The Tac Clamp alleviates any issues by allowing the customer to clamp any surface with a fully adjustable thickness knob. The Tac Clamp also has a quick release feature to allow whatever gear hanging or attached to break free.

Tac Clamp is THE quick release solution vital for operators in any quick reaction scenario.


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